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Elance Market {BETA} is a Marketplace Originally Designed for Digital Services. As Part of our continuing Effort to Expand and Innovate, We've changed. Since the Inception of Elance Market {BETA}, We've Expanded beyond Digital Offering a Digital Forum, Digital Q&A, Digital News and Digital Blog Section where Users can Ask for Anything. Our Platform is Built by Community Suggestions that our Users Want and Need.

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Our Aim

The Aim behind this Website is to help you Promote your Services on our platform for FREE and generate more Installs.

Elance Market {BETA} is not an Affiliate Website of :-
Theme Forest http://themeforest.net/
Code Canyon http://codecanyon.net/
Video Hive http://videohive.net/
Audio Jungle http://audiojungle.net/
Graphic River http://graphicriver.net/
Photo Dune http://photodune.net/
3D Ocean http://3docean.net/
Active Den http://activeden.net/

If you Create & Upload your Services at Envato Market, your Services will may Automatically be listed on Elance Market {BETA} (but Downloads may be Managed at Envato Market itself)

Elance Market {BETA} is not Powered by any Envato Market API,

Our History

2015 13th March

The SmartWare was Formed !

On 13th March, 2015, A corporation was formed and named The SmartWare. Ownership of Elance Market {BETA} was transferred to the corporation.

2014 8th September

Elance Market {BETA} got Redesigned !

On 8th September, 2014, The new Elance Market {BETA} was released which brought over 65 new features along with a beautiful, responsive design. In celebration, some promotions was released. Multiple growth records were broken during this period ushering Elance Market {BETA} into a new set of goals.

2013 23rd August

elancemarket.com was Registered !

On 23rd August, 2013, The domain name elancemarket.com was registered. We set out to create a new marketplace for Service. At this time, there was no dedicated Service Marketplace available, only scattered listings on multiple forums. We sought to change this, and we did.