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Social Media Design FAQs

  • What is social media design?

    Social media design refer to the visual content used for marketing efforts via social media. That might mean images, gifs, videos, animations, or other graphics that can be posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

  • How do I know if I need social media design?

    If you are handling the social media for a large company or brand or multiple sub brands, or are trying to establish a small new brand, it’s probably smart to think about social media design. Social media design helps you think big-picture about social media goals and create a strategy and cohesive visual language moving forward to establish your brand identity and grow your following.

  • What makes good social media design?

    The main goal of social media design is to promote and increase engagement. Good design will produce content that compels users to engage, whether by commenting, sharing, or otherwise. It’s also important that social media design be on-brand and make sense for the account — for instance, a meme of a puppy rolling down a hill might get a lot of engagement, but it would not be good social media design for a high-fashion company, because it isn’t on-brand.

  • How do I pick the right social media designer for me?

    Once you’ve identified a pool of candidates based on skills and availability, look at their experience and browse their gig gallery. Look at samples of previous social media design to get a sense of their style, and choose the candidate whose style you like best. Make sure to contact them before ordering, explain your project requirements, expectations, and budget, and provide examples of work you like by the seller or someone else as a visual reference.