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Mobile App Marketing FAQs

  • What are the different kinds of mobile advertising?

    As we know there are many users over mobile devices hence mobile advertising is crucial nowadays. There are a variety of ads for mobile advertising from which you can choose. For instance, there are ads that float over the content, you can also see banner ads that appear either at the top or bottom of the app or page. You can go with native mobile ads that are integrated into the app or page people are looking at. There are ads like video ads and interactive rich media app which are popular on the mobile device.

  • What are the components of a good ASO?

    Similar to good SEO a Good ASO (App Store Optimization) can be the difference between two apps, a successful mobile app, and a total failure. For an optimized app store listing, you need to include a listing title with the keyword which is popular for your app category. You need to be very cautious about your app title, and description, you must include the relevant keywords for a Good ASO. From a searcher's point of view, the number of downloads and ratings grab their attention, hence it is required to get their prestigious reviews after they have used the app.

  • What are the best practices when creating mobile ads?

    You need to have as many call to actions in your app to grab users' attention. Moreover, Google also suggests that when creating mobile ads, one should write ad text and a call to action designed which is appealing to the user. It’s also important to make ad experiences mobile friendly with several tactics like click to call and the use of large tappable areas. Mobile users should be given an easy way to dismiss ads so they don’t get annoyed by the add and do not look at the content or have a bad user experience. The most successful ads are those which are derived from the tasks the user is currently performing.

  • What is ASO or App store optimization?

    This word "ASO"(App store optimization) means optimizing the listing for your mobile app to make it visible to more number of people ready to install or buy the app. Ways of optimizing the listing greatly depend upon the platform which you are using such as Google Play, Apple iOS Store or Windows Store. As nearly two-thirds of people discover apps just by browsing and searching an app store, if you don’t use ASO to optimize your app, you’ll miss out on lots of users.

  • How should I promote my mobile app?

    There are many ways which you can use to promote your app. As well as using ASO to optimize the app store listing will enhance your app reaching capacity moreover, you can create a website or landing page specifically designed for your app. Use different types of mobile advertising to promote your app within related apps, also try to get your app reviewed on the major mobile app blogs such as Android Appania. Still, you are left with content marketing, Email marketing and Social Media marketing which you can include in your mobile advertising journey.

  • What size banners do I need for mobile ads?

    For this, you can go with a graphics designer which will create banners in various sizes as per your need. One of the most performing banner size is 300 x 250, though if we go with recommendation, Google recommends that only half of the banner should be visible above the fold. Specifically, mobile video ads use that size. You can also go with popular ad sizes which include the 300 x 50 mobile ad banner. However, you need to pay attention to ad analytics to decide on the right mobile ad size for the audience you have targeted.