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Android Review Marketing · Google Play Store · Real Users · Guaranteed for $40

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About Android Review Marketing · Google Play Store · Real Users · Guaranteed

1 ratings & reviews

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April 25, 2024

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Help - Android Review Marketing · Google Play Store · Real Users · Guaranteed

Frequently asked question:

How much refund will be given if Android reviews deleted?

If few Android reviews are deleted then we will replace it with fresh new Android reviews but in case they are again deleted then we will refund up to 50% money into your account balance depending upon the no. of Android reviews.

What if Android reviews are deleted?

Please note that if most of the Android reviews or all the Android reviews are deleted then we will give you max 50% refund only. We can NOT give 100% refund because of time and efforts we have exhausted to process and deliver the order. Here you need to understand that we try our best to deliver high-quality ratings/reviews but sometimes they are deleted by Google Play Store due to their strict moderation policy which is powered by AI and ML thus it's unbeatable.

How Play Store Reviews will affect my Android App?

The positive Play Store reviews surely affect positively on your app. As quality Android reviews are being posted, the number of interacting people will increase significantly, which helps your Android app get more downloads and hence increase your store presence and sales. This is no doubt the dream of all developers in the market. One of the most certain ways to make your Android app popular is a number of well-written Android reviews that describe your application. When people see lots of positive facts about your work, they will trust you more and will be more disposed to pay money for what you offer.

Can I buy negative Android reviews?

ElanceMarket provides only professional Android reviews, users will write great things about your great Android app, but we don't want to involve ourselves in any negative marketing. Only real people, professionals, with active accounts will give the 4 or 5 star and will find the best word in order to describe your product.

Why Should I Purchase Android Reviews for my Android App?

This is directly linked to the psychology of people. One is highly influenced by getting positive opinions about something that drives him to give that thing a try. If people see positive reviews on your App they will surely think to give your app a try. This will improve your downloads and your app's Play store presence. These people might start investing later in your things which you provide this will improve your sales.

Can someone delete my reviews with time?

Be free from this point of view. We tend to provide some high-quality reviews which go according to Google Play Store's policy, and your app reviews will not be deleted. If somehow your app's review gets deleted we will provide the replacement up to a fixed period of time.

Can I buy custom Play Store reviews?

You can surely get any type of review, positive. Positive reviews are those which have 4-5 star rating. Also, we can fulfill your custom demands for your app reviews, but or that you need to contact our support if we are able to fulfill your demand or not.

How long does it take for Reviews to appear in Google Play Store?

Reviews are reflected in real-time, but sometime they might take up to 4 days to reflect. But Don't worry, all the reviews will get listed in the Play store and you will lose none of them.

Does My App Qualifies for your Service

Your Android App Qualifies for all of our Android related services as long as it qualifies for Google Play Store policies.

How to buy Android App Reviews?

You can buy Android App Reviews in few simple steps. Register on ElanceMarket, choose the package which fits for you, and then Pay. After that, we are here to take care of you and your needs.

Do we provide safe Android reviews?

Yes, we provide a 100% safe Android app reviews. These reviews will surely help you to get some great results on your Google Play Store standings. You can rely on us for getting safe reviews.

Can I suggest the Android review publishing frequency?

Yes, for sure. You can suggest the number of reviews you want us to publish on a daily basis in the buyer's note. We will surely take care of your needs.