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Mobile App Marketing

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About Buy iOS Ratings · Apple App Store · 100% Real Users

Help - Buy iOS Ratings · Apple App Store · 100% Real Users

Frequently asked question:

How much refund will be given if ratings/reviews deleted?

If few ratings/reviews are deleted then we will replace it with fresh new ratings/reviews but in case they are again deleted then we will refund up to 50% money into your account balance depending upon the no. of ratings/reviews.

Please note that if most of the reviews or all the reviews are deleted then we will give you max 50% refund only. We can NOT give 100% refund because of time and efforts we have exhausted to process and deliver the order. Here you need to understand that we try our best to deliver high-quality ratings/reviews but sometimes they are deleted by Google due to their strict moderation policy which is powered by AI and ML thus it's unbeatable.